Through My Phone - Week 2

December 21, 2016

I’ve continuously drowned myself in sweets and junk food this month. I keep telling myself it’s the holidays and indulging in savory foods is okay for the time being. Though I often strategize what foods are worth the intake during holiday events or parties that way I have more sense of control. Speaking of holiday events, I recently attended a huge holiday corporate party filled with tons of food and an open bar (strategy is key!) The holiday party had so much going on from dancing trapezes, henna tattoos, and even a maze. My partner and I decided to wear some company pins on our outfits that somewhat look like us to add a cute touch.

As the month progresses and the holidays get closer, I’ve been thinking about choosing a book to read over the holidays. I love checking out bookstores on random weekends, so I do have some idea as to what I want to read next. Some of the ones in mind include: Sea to the Salt, Lady Midnight, and Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style. Can’t wait to finally have some down time to snuggle under a blanket, drink some hot tea, and read a good book. I’ll post what I end up reading once I’ve made up my mind!

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  1. The holidays are definitely for indulging. Also those pins are a highly accurate portrayal if you ask me ;)