Through My Phone - Week 1

December 13, 2016

December: the month where I tend to lookback at the year and think about all the things I've accomplished, but also look at my goals for the year ahead. It's a bittersweet month, looking back at the trips I took this year with my loved ones makes me reminisce the good times. Yet, a new year means more chances to explore new ideas and opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, December definitely makes the ‘Top 5 Favorite Months’ list (I like to list everything by favorites, weird, I know). Mainly because I get to spend time with my friends and family, reminding each other of how great it is to have a network of support. Another reason why I love December: holiday dinners and parties. I hardly ever get the chance to get fancy and dress up anymore, so it’s a nice excuse to go dress shopping. Though, it’s been quite difficult for me to find a proper fitting dress this year. Currently still searching for the perfect party dress!

1. I thought I loved this dress when I first tried it on, but now I'm having second thoughts on the cut.
2. This weekend I got the chance to attend 'Beasts of Hogwarts' hosted by 826 Valencia at Heron Arts. So many talented artists had their Harry Potter themed work showcased. #potterheadsunite
3. Got the chance to try a new restaurant this weekend, Poquito. Their sangrias are spectacular.
4. Another dress that I thought I loved, but not sold on the color, but still might end up keeping. We'll see.

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