New Purchases: H&M

January 19, 2017

Late January/early February is the time to shop. Retailers make room for their new shiny Spring season, and hence move everything to SALE. H&M is having a crazy sale right now. Obviously, I can't stay away from shopping for black clothing...It's definitely the color I wear most.


New Year, New Habits

January 06, 2017

I’ve never been one to be a believer in New Year Resolutions. Instead, I try to set a list of habits for me to work on to improve my quality of life and really focus on what really matters. This year I plan to live in the moment and have clarity of the present. I plan to do so by taking small steps:

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
I’m a planner. I like to plan. When I go on trips I tend to plan months in advance, plan out an itinerary, and have a set solution for any possible inconvenience I might encounter. But sometimes life throws random unplanned nuisances and I just have to let small bumps on the road GO. I tend to dwell on inconveniences, but when I think of it, those inconveniences are minute and shouldn’t be made into a bigger deal than necessary. So this year, I want to think of the bigger picture.

Try Out New Recipes and Start Cookin’
I’ve mastered the art of cooking eggs, boiling noodles, and preparing a sandwich. This year I want to change that and explore my cooking abilities a bit more. I’ve never really been much of a kitchen kinda gal, but I think it’ll be fun to try out new recipes. It’ll be a work in progress, I’ll start with simple recipes and work my way up from there. Some recipes I want to master include: Venezuelan Arepas, Blueberry Pancakes, and some good ol’ Chicken Enchiladas.

Read 1 Book a Month 
I used to love reading when I was younger, but as I got older I became engrossed with school/work/gym and gradually neglected my reading hobby. This year I plan on reading at least one book a month from a variety of genres and not limit myself to the YA section of the bookstore. Reading keeps my mind sharp and tunes in the creative part of my brain. So I’m really looking forward to reading more. The first book I chose for January is a historical fiction novel by Ruta Sepetys, Salt to the Sea. The novel tells the story of four characters during WII making their way to Wilhelm Gustloff, a German military transport ship.

Working Out as a Continued Practice
I don’t really have to change my workout habits, but rather continue to stay on course and push myself. Working out is an essential part of my mental clarity and keeping healthy. Whenever I go a couple of days without going to the gym my body gets groggy and stressed out. I have been working out for about four consecutive years now and I’ve realized that it’s become a part of my daily lifestyle. I have found that sticking with the gym 3-4 times a week keeps my body alert and energized. Though sometimes when it’s raining and I’d rather be watching the latest Netflix original, I remind myself how essential working out is for my body. 

This is just a small list of new habits I want to start implementing or continue to practice as the year progresses. But overall, I want 2017 to be a year of new experiences and healthy lifestyle practices. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Christmas Presents

December 27, 2016

Yes, Christmas is all about giving and spending time with your loved ones, but receiving gifts from friends and family is always fun! This is a small post on some of the items I received this Christmas. I received a Fujifilm Polaroid camera, which I’ve always wanted to have cause it’s an easy way to capture moments and print them instantaneously. I can’t wait to try it out, I’m always looking for great shots! I also received a couple of Harry Potter tees, which will be perfect to lounge around in. My favorite is definitely the Snape tee that says “Always”, he’s my favorite character in the entire series, so it was a perfect gift. I also received a VSX Sports bra, which of course I’ll make great use of…especially after over indulging in unhealthy foods over the holidays. Other gifts included some Nike Theas (not pictured) which I’ve been eyeing for quite some time and some nude, rose, white and black clothing items. Thank you to all of those Santa’s who gave me perfect gifts this holiday season ♥


November Covets

December 22, 2016

Currently coveting all things: satin, silk, velvet, furry, and patent leather.

1. Totally loving this silk wrap playsuit. It's elegant, yet still manages to catch light and attention.
2. Been obsessing over all things highlight, including this Hourglass Palette.
3. Fuzzy, cozzy teddy coat. I want one in every color, they're just too perfect for cold days.
4. I've been wanting a cute black leather backpack since forever. They're just so versatile.
5. These patent boots are really BOLD, but I think they'd be really fun to wear!
6. Because I work out almost every day, I've really been eyeing some wireless headphones.
7. Velvet everything! Also been obsessing over velvet. Velvet heels? Yes, please.

Through My Phone - Week 2

December 21, 2016

I’ve continuously drowned myself in sweets and junk food this month. I keep telling myself it’s the holidays and indulging in savory foods is okay for the time being. Though I often strategize what foods are worth the intake during holiday events or parties that way I have more sense of control. Speaking of holiday events, I recently attended a huge holiday corporate party filled with tons of food and an open bar (strategy is key!) The holiday party had so much going on from dancing trapezes, henna tattoos, and even a maze. My partner and I decided to wear some company pins on our outfits that somewhat look like us to add a cute touch.

As the month progresses and the holidays get closer, I’ve been thinking about choosing a book to read over the holidays. I love checking out bookstores on random weekends, so I do have some idea as to what I want to read next. Some of the ones in mind include: Sea to the Salt, Lady Midnight, and Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style. Can’t wait to finally have some down time to snuggle under a blanket, drink some hot tea, and read a good book. I’ll post what I end up reading once I’ve made up my mind!

Through My Phone - Week 1

December 13, 2016

December: the month where I tend to lookback at the year and think about all the things I've accomplished, but also look at my goals for the year ahead. It's a bittersweet month, looking back at the trips I took this year with my loved ones makes me reminisce the good times. Yet, a new year means more chances to explore new ideas and opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, December definitely makes the ‘Top 5 Favorite Months’ list (I like to list everything by favorites, weird, I know). Mainly because I get to spend time with my friends and family, reminding each other of how great it is to have a network of support. Another reason why I love December: holiday dinners and parties. I hardly ever get the chance to get fancy and dress up anymore, so it’s a nice excuse to go dress shopping. Though, it’s been quite difficult for me to find a proper fitting dress this year. Currently still searching for the perfect party dress!

1. I thought I loved this dress when I first tried it on, but now I'm having second thoughts on the cut.
2. This weekend I got the chance to attend 'Beasts of Hogwarts' hosted by 826 Valencia at Heron Arts. So many talented artists had their Harry Potter themed work showcased. #potterheadsunite
3. Got the chance to try a new restaurant this weekend, Poquito. Their sangrias are spectacular.
4. Another dress that I thought I loved, but not sold on the color, but still might end up keeping. We'll see.